Posted: Apr 17, 2015 5:24 pm
by viocjit
I like emulation and retrogaming because there are many old video games that are fun or / and technically good. Also I like to discover games from the past because I can discover outdated technologies.

What is emulation (in this context) ? : This is the possibility to run a video game that was made for another hardware than your.
Example : You can play to games that was made for MegaDrive (Genesis in North America) with a PC under Windows 7.
An article from Wikipedia :

What is retrogaming ? : This is simple to understand if you analyse the first part of this word. Retro means old or ancient. Retro + gaming = play to oldies games.

For those who are attract by the subject. Can you say me what are yours favourite old games ?

Some games that I like by alphabetical order (P: = Publisher , D: = Developer , Y: Year of release , p:Platform) :
1.Bio menace (P: Apogee Software , D: Apogee Software , Y: 1993 , p: MS-DOS)
2.Streets of rage (P: Sega , D: Sega , Y: 1991 , p: MegaDrive (Genesis))
3.Streets of rage 2 (P: Sega , D: Sega , Ancient Y: 1992 or 1993 p: Sega Master System)

PS : Don't post ROM and ISO there because ROM sharing and ISO sharing is illegal in many countries.