Posted: Apr 18, 2015 3:33 pm
by SafeAsMilk
DarthHelmet86 wrote:You should think about trying out the translated Sweet Home for the NES SafeAsMilk. A huge influence on the Resident Evil games and a rather unique game for the NES in many ways. Not the birthplace of survival horror but one of the early stepping stones that the west missed out on.

Thanks for the recommendation, I have played a little bit of that one but haven't gotten very far yet. It's interesting, actually reminds me more of a dark Maniac Mansion, more like an RPG than a tank shooter...then again I've only played RE4 :mrgreen:

I play tons of old games, I use Dosbox to play a large collection of Dos games on my PC. I tend to play console games on the console if I can. Emulation is a tricky business at times and many emulators of later consoles are only half done or only certain games work right. That doesn't mean I don't emulate but if I can buy the game in real life for a reasonable price I will.

I still have my old NES and SNES from when I was a kid, and tons of cartridges that I collected over the years before prices started going through the roof. Used to be pretty strict about playing games on them, but lately I find that the convenience of playing ROMs and not having to set up/route a bunch of different game systems wins out. I play just as well on the WIImote and PS3 controller as I do on the NES and SNES ones. The SMS controller looks pretty crappy TBH. Plus, I'm investigating systems I never had -- Gameboy Color and Advance for instance, which I enjoy being able to play on the TV or my computer screen rather than a little handheld. So many great games on those systems that I totally missed!

The most recent system I've managed to emulate is the Nintendo DS, it seems to do a fine job as far as I can tell. Never had any luck with MAME or PS1 emulators. Or Dreamcast emulator, which is really sad. There's a few classics on there I want to try.