Posted: Apr 18, 2015 3:50 pm
by DarthHelmet86
PS1 emulators are a bit shoddy at times, I dont think either epsx or psx can handle iso or cd swapping for one. It is far easier to buy a chipped PS1 and just burn isos to disc and play that way. And if I remember right the Dreamcast console is actually really really easy to get to play burned games. I think it just needs a booter disc and it then can play whatever you want. Might be an easier solution than trying to emulate it, depends on the cost of picking one up of eBay or running into one a swap meet or thrit store. I am with you with emulating hand held consoles. The gameboy has no backlight and horrible motion blurring through so many iterations. So much easier to play on computer.

I would also recommend Clock Tower on the SNES. Its more of an point and click survival horror. There is a PS1 Clock Tower that is also point and click but is technically the second in the series. And a third one on PS2, at least I think it is PS2, that is more straight survival horror.