Posted: Apr 18, 2015 5:03 pm
by SafeAsMilk
DarthHelmet86 wrote:No I haven't...I don't actually like Earthbound all that much. It is a fun game for sure but it doesn't grip me like it does for others for one reason or another.

The only PS2 game I have from the PSN store is The Warriors...which is the greatest movie to video game transfer ever and one of the best games ever made.

The Turbografix/PC Engine has some pretty good games on it and good ports of arcade games from my understanding. Splatterhouse, some pinball games, Bonk. The 32X is an addon for the Megadrive/Genesis, not a lot of games for it really but the ones on there aren't bad. A lot of the games were expanded versions of the ones coming out for the base console with some added music or graphics.

Yeah, the battle system of Earthbound doesn't seem very deep. I can understand why people were into it at the time, it's much more playful than most RPG's and very accessible. I never played the original TBH, but I find it fun to run around as 16 bit ponies.

Y'know, I have a few friends who really love The Warriors, borrowed it once but never really got into it for some reason...probably cuz I'm not that into brawlers. Should try it again at some point.

I also like ROM hacks for re-balancing old games that were poorly balanced in the first place. The one for Ultima: Exodus on the NES makes for a MUCH more interesting experience, where there's not just one good party to beat the game. Also good for games that are just too fucking hard for casual gamers...I can actually get my wife to play Batman (NES) or Castlevania because of hacks that make them much easier and more forgiving.