Posted: Jan 14, 2016 9:04 pm
by Thommo
scott1328 wrote:
Thommo wrote:Took a dive and now the new consoles aren't new anymore (and have come down a bit in price and acquired a library) ordered myself a PS4.

Going to need a username to plug into it and I'm having complete mental block this evening. So if anyone has any help/thoughts/suggestions/ideas I'd be most appreciative.

What I'd like is a non-painful pun based on my name (Paul) or something similar.


What did you end up choosing?

I haven't. PS4 has arrived now, and I've had a little test run (bugger me uncharted was an EXTREMELY overrated game, can't believe I was looking forward to playing that for years, it's an absolute stinker - still looks good though the gameplay is atrocious).

UsedCatSalesman is my #1 at the moment unless I reconsider this evening.