Posted: Feb 10, 2016 5:57 am
by Shagz
Haven't picked up xcom 2 yet; would you say that the difficulty is higher than EU? Xcom 1 is a bit too easy, late game.

I was just playing through Xcom: Enemy Within this week. You're right that heavies are the best early on, since the rocket negates cover and almost always hits something even when missing. I took a combination of bullet swarmers and holo-targeters; bullet swarm is ok, but usually your accuracy is not that great when you first get it, and you're just wasting shots using the ability, it seems. Snipers suck balls early, yeah, but somewhere around mid game, a single sniper with squad sight becomes extremely useful, since it seems like they rarely miss and do great damage with the laser sniper. Also, that ability that jams the main weapon is very useful mid game, when you run into cyberdisks or whatever that your squad is not quite good enough to handle, and can save lives. But the best class, I would say, is assault. Run and gun plus lightning reflexes? Can't beat that. Also that skill that lets you get a free shot against close enemies, close quarters or something like that.