Posted: Feb 11, 2016 4:01 am
by Shagz
Funny, I remember, when I first got the game, and saw the battle scanner skill, I thought it would be way better than disabling shot. Then it never ended up being very useful, and I haven't messed with it since. Of course, it's likely that I just really sucked at the game back then, so maybe I should give it another shot. The problem is, now, 9 out of 10 of our squaddies seem to become heavies or assaults, and you end up getting one sniper the whole game, which makes it hard to experiment with them.

During my latest playthrough, I've been experimenting with different ratios; I've gone all heavy, mostly heavy with one sniper, heavies and assaults, etc.. Now, maybe I'm not playing optimally, but it seems like having one sniper is better in most situations than going all heavy. The reason is, a heavy can't move then fire a rocket, and often are unable to be effective with their rocket, because there are obstructions between them and the enemy, or the enemy is too far away, or they're too spread apart and you don't want to waste a rocket killing one sectoid. Snipers, on the other hand, have a very large range if you're going with squad sight, and their shot is not obstructed as much, especially if you can get on high ground. So a sniper is able to respond to having a powerful enemy suddenly appear, no matter where he is, while if you're going all heavy, maybe only one guy can shoot while the others all have shit in the way. If you have disabling shot on that sniper, you can likely disable his main weapon, even if you just have a basic sniper rifle, and possibly save a guy from getting wasted. This seems to be what happens to me a lot, anyway.

Another use for disabling shot that just occurred to me: It's useful for capturing with the arc thrower. Say you have an alien with 5 health that you want to capture, but the guy with the arc thrower is too far away. Disable the alien's weapon, which reduces his health to 3 making him easier to stun, allowing your guy with the arc thrower to sprint next to the alien and stun him next turn without fear of being shot.

I've never actually messed with ghost grenades; the problem is, by the time they were available, I had sold off all my seeker wrecks :( They take 8 seeker wrecks to make... Funnily, I had a request from China for 4 ghost grenades in return for 2,514 credits, but it was impossible to come up with 32 seeker wrecks that early in the game. I'm guessing that, like ghost armor, they make things pretty easy.

As for XCOM 2; the way you've described it makes it sound like my kind of game. It definitely needs to be different from EU in order to keep from being stale. I'll probably get it pretty soon.