Posted: Feb 11, 2016 12:13 pm
by DSpat
It's great!

Finished my first playthrough.


Next up I need to do an ironman run, and see how hard legend difficulty is.

Turn timers, best thing they added to the game, no more endless overwatching crawl forward. Had on average ~2 turns remaining during the timed missions. Really should have screencapped those stats thingies.

And no, not nearly every mission has timers. Besides, the 8 turn ones are done after you do the objective, which with the remote hacking of specialists is really easy to get done in time. When you need to extract too you have 12 turns, which is more than enough. Unless you blue move crawl forward of course, which is exactly what those timers are there to mix up. Did I mention they're the greatest new feature?

Also gonna be really fun to see what the modders get up to, already a lot of mods released, so soon after release.