Posted: Feb 18, 2016 4:59 am
by tuco
The game has little to do with original XCOM. Its XCOM ala Avengers, commercial XCOM relying on action and eye candy without depth and difficulty.

Difficulty revolves around avoiding the so-called RNG: So the way it works is: Find 3-pack, do not activate more than one, blow cover, kill them, find 3-pack, blow cover, kill them, find 3-pack ect That is difficulty, that is game play.

RNG is ever present. Hacking? No mini-game just time wasting sequence, close your eyes and press button. AWC - RGN. Maps - RNG. Enemy placement, some fucked up cheating RNG. The so-called "random seed" is determined before player makes any move. The trick is then to find spots on map which have favourable RNG, unlike spots which from tactical point are "good moves". Its totally fucked up and dumbed down making Ironman nightmare rather then challenge. Play some chess Firaxis.

Soldiers speak 10 different versions of English and none speaks Polish for example. There are no Polish people near Firaxis HQ? Kinda doubt that. But player can spend hours designing own soldiers. Dressing, hair cut, scars, tattoos .. XCOM Sims wtf.

The game is short. Around 20 hours. Its the kind of game people buy, en mass, get their Steam achievements, post about it on Steam discussion usually "How I outsmarted the idiotic AI" and move to consume another product. If this game will be reckoned in 20 years like the original XCOM is today, I will be very surprised.

Not talking about bugs and optimalization which is just horribad. It has atmosphere and some fine moments but that is about it. Oh easy modding, that is admittedly big plus. Its not XCOM players spent months playing 20 years ago. Its 20 hour of entertainment, 20 hours of achievements, 20 hours of illusion that player is playing legendary turn-based strategy. Shallow, short, unfinished, innovative, cut-scene and animation fest.