Posted: Feb 19, 2016 8:23 pm
by Boyle
tuco wrote:...

It has context. As games are art just like movies or literature, there can be distinction made between popular and lets say quality. That is despite that there is no objective criteria beyond sales or likes or popularity.

89 on metacritics and 7.0 user score -

Without evoking conspiracies, it is my observation that the so-called hype is very real in video-games industry. The so-called new media (twitch, lets plays, gaming site and communities, etc) make this hype possible. It is my opinion, based on several decades of playing turn-based strategies, that in this case the hype did not deliver. Admittedly, my tone was not necessary, though there is context for it too, the game does not deserve 89 despite being hyped as such.

Indeed, Avengers are fun, enjoyment. Lots of action, heroes, fighting the bad guys and kicking ass, audio-visual feast aimed at basic emotions. It is not however material for the hall of fame. Its not of quality of The Witcher 3 or Pillars of Eternity, let alone the original series.

Besides the fucking RNG, the way implemented, is fucking stupid. If I move bishop in to right position, which is part of my plan, bishop does not miss. That is bull shit. It downplays the core of turn-based strategies: sound tactic and strategy.

But these complaints can be said of Firaxis XCOM EU and EW as well. I've missed a few 95% shots there that didn't make sense except in light of the RNG. Then I've gotten lucky with the aliens missing or not catching me with criticals when I've made dumb mistakes. Or just getting lucky with enemy placement/movement or map generation for terror missions.

Reading the complaints for XCOM: EU on Metacritic, actually, they basically say what you say here about XCOM 2. Did you play and enjoy XCOM: EU or EW? What were you expecting, here?