Posted: Jun 11, 2019 11:33 am
by Matt_B
Thomas Eshuis wrote:For me it's foremost the principle of the thing; rather than making a better product, companies that engage in exclusive practices actively try to limit the consumer's choice.

Yes, but I'd think that ultimately it's going to bite them like all the other PC game storefronts who've also relied upon exclusives rather than competing on quality of service. Let's face it, nobody buys games on Origin or Uplay for any reason other than that's the only place to get them from, and that's just led to them being sidelined in favour of Steam because there are only so many games that they're ultimately able to keep exclusive.

Not that Steam are angelic by any means, of course. Given the choice I'd buy all my games from GoG or the Humble Store, but I can't see the big publishers letting go of DRM just yet.

DoctorE wrote:Caved and got the Microsoft game pass; $1 for first month, ~$15 after that.

And it's yet another digital storefront to add to the others. Still, offering up a line-up of a hundred-plus games for the price of about three new one ones a year is the kind of competition I like.