Posted: Oct 25, 2013 4:49 am
by Agrippina
Indeed. However that translates to a little short of R1 billion, which is a considerable sum of money. I would love my DH to win a large sum of money simply because he's spent his life saving just to be comfortable in his retirement, and now, 10 years later, is back to having to as Cali eloquently puts it "keep penury at bay." Not exactly broke, we at least own our home outright but it is a quarter of the size of the house we were able to buy 10 years ago before the economic "downturn" which sent house prices plummeting and forced us to sell our home at a loss so that we could move to something we could manage. 7 years ago we were offered three times what we paid for the other one, when we sold it last year, we merely broke even. So with R10 billion, he'd be able to replace our almost 20 years old car, and give the kids each a sum of money to help them get back on their feet after what the greed of the US banks did to our country's economy leaving all of them battling to keep jobs, let alone find new ones.

We'd have a little left to take another trip abroad and to give some money to a deserving charity but then with corruption so rife here, would I want to hand over money to people who would simply use it to spend on trips and buying cars for their friends and family members. I'd want to have the power to control how the charity spent the money, not just give it to them. Or I'd give it to the SPCA (or cancer charities) who really battle to keep going while other charities use donations to have lavish parties.