Posted: Nov 13, 2013 1:17 am
by Thommo
stevecook172001 wrote:
Thommo wrote:
FACT-MAN-2 wrote:It's really quite a simple proposition, and as much as you'd like to decouple the resource base from growth, that can't be done because (growing) populations will always be consuming resources, building more and more homes and cars and refrigerators and TVs and factories, and consuming ever larger quantities of food. IP may drive growth in some sectors, but it won't ever become the exclusive driver or even the principle driver.

Economic and population growth are totally separate issues, you can't just equivocate between them.
Economics and population growth are utterly connected.

Connected and equal are utterly different concepts, you can't equivocate between those either. It's fairly obvious that politicians aren't advocating population growth when they advocate economic growth and it really is quite unreasonable to debunk a "myth" based on a misrepresentation, which is what Fact Man was doing there.