Posted: Nov 14, 2013 6:20 am
by 4 Hours
Thommo wrote:
4 Hours wrote:
Thommo wrote:That's just not true, they have meanings, "extreme" means "taking thee value that lies towards either the maximum or minimum of a range. "Doomsayer" means someone who predicts doom.

And they're both irrelevant for the purposes of discussing the impacts of climate change.

We weren't discussing that.

Climate change is highly relevant to the OP, which is about whether exponential growth can continue indefinitely. It can't.

Thommo wrote:The evidence that I've seen

What evidence?

Thommo wrote:You're using that word incorrectly. ... incoherent

"not expressed in a way that can be understood, or not able to talk clearly:"

Holding multiple viewpoints about things where this is only one truth seems, broadly speaking, incoherent.

My opinion is that it is already too late to effect meaningful change. This belief is rooted in facts about the climate such as the Keeling curve data year on year and facts about human psychology. Too much inertia, too many positive feedback loops, too many stupid and greedy people. 350 ppm is no longer attainable, 400 is almost in sight, and in a few short decades, we will have blown through 450 and be well on the way to the 500s.

Not even counting all the methane.