Posted: Mar 31, 2014 3:11 am
by laklak
Macdoc wrote:laklak....the Faux News lackey.

China's one party system is doing just fine and Cuba will tag along. It ain't going back to the Batista criminal empire.
Will be closer to a Canadian/Scandanavian social democracy with a mixed economy.


Reform in Cuba
Towards a mixed economy

Economic reform begins in earnest

Lol. Macdoc, your HuffPo glasses are all fogged up. Maybe you need to buy some Capitalist Lens Cleaner, I'm sure the Chinese will make you some. When they're not poisoning the entire world with their coal and melamine dog food, that is. I'll put $1000 on it here and now, within 10 years there will be big casinos on the Cuban coast and it will be the next great retirement country for Americans. The Canucks can have Florida, I'll just take the boat 90 miles south of Key West and stay there. I love beans and rice.

Hell, the Greenback is already legal tender, they're laying off tens if not hundreds of thousands of slacker Socialist drones and allowing anyone with money to buy whatever they want. What's more Libertarian than that, eh?

The news is germane because it shows, once again, how socialism is a bankrupt philosophy. Even if you take ALL the money from ALL the rich people and "redistribute to the people" you'll eventually get sick of living in a shithole and let the Evil Capitalists back in.