Posted: Mar 31, 2014 3:07 pm
by mrjonno
laklak wrote:God, some of y'all sound like Christian Fundies arguing against evolution. No matter how many times socialist systems fail, usually in a spectacular manner, you find a reason it's the fault of the Ebil Capitalists. According to macdoc China is doing well - riiiiiiight. Highest rate of infanticide it the world, most polluted country on the planet, a higher Gini coefficient than the U.S. and they're driving everything from sea cucumbers to rhinos to extinction by either eating them or turning them into boner pills. Venezuela is a shithole basket case, the USSR is kaput, North Korea is a cross between The Road and Mad Max, and now Cuba.

Macdoc, if you can refute anything in the "Faux News" article please feel free to do so.

China is a nasty unregulated capitalism (unions what unions!) , give me regulated freeish market anyday