Posted: Mar 31, 2014 6:43 pm
by laklak
Not everything is perfect? That's damning it with faint praise, methinks. Pretty much every socialist economy is in the shitter, and socialism is based on redistribution of wealth. That's it's entire raison d'ĂȘtre. Those people have what we don't so let's get some guns and take it. Happened in the USSR, China, Venezuela, Cuba, the Eastern Bloc; it's happened in every socialist society on the planet. Usually with a few forced labor camps and mass graves thrown in for seasoning. Can't make an omelet etc. The average, government mandated wage in Cuba is around $20 a month. Now, maybe I'm just a crotchety old capitalist running dog, but I don't see living on rice and beans, making $20 a month, driving a mule cart and wiping my ass with my hands as an equitable trade for "free" healthcare and a bag of government rice each month. Given the less than exemplary success of the grand Socialist Experiment I think I'll take capitalism, warts and all.

There's always a lot of talk around here about "wealth inequality" and "redistribution". In this thread, particularly as it relates to inheritance or estate taxes. It isn't fair that that poncey git gets a couple of million quid when his daddy pops his clogs and I don't. So we'll take it from him and redistribute it to "the people", because, after all, he didn't "earn" that money. Well, neither did The People. I'll never understand how it's considered immoral to take unearned money from your parents but it isn't immoral to take unearned money from total strangers.