Posted: Dec 20, 2014 4:01 pm
by laklak
Bit disingenuous. She's a student who also teaches, aka "grad assistant", which is a greasy grind of monumental proportions. Plus she's in Las Vegas, which which has about as much in common with actual reality as Hobbitton. She's after the brass ring, tenured full professorship, which is a tidy little position if you can get it. Friend of mine is Chair of the Psychology department at New Collage here in Sarasota. He's got life by the balls. He's a marine psychologist, spends the majority of his time at Mote Marine, playing with manatees and dolphins, or flying off to places like Hawaii or Samoa or Cape Town for conferences. I have no idea how much he makes, but his house makes my abode look like a garden shed. Guy down the street is an adjunct professor of classical Greek at the same school, he lives at about he same level we do. There are only a few positions in the rarefied atmosphere at the top. Several of my close family are or were high school teachers. All of them lived a nice, comfortable life with a decent salary, good benefits and a pension. In Florida the average starting salary is over 35K, which isn't as good as most STEM fields but is better than many others. Could certainly use some improvement, but I think the poor, food stamp dependent teacher myth is overblown.