Posted: Dec 28, 2016 3:18 pm
by Nicko
Scot Dutchy wrote:Nick

The problem is that there will not be the jobs to go around. Full time work will be a thing of the past for the majority of people.
You two options: 1. Play the game we are playing and allow the two tier society we have already just get more extreme ending up with people dying or living in abject poverty or 2. spread the limited work around allowing people to supplement the UBI.
The UBI should sufficient for people to live soberly on and the extra income would add the few frills.

The big problem for many societies is the mind change required and that is one thing I have great doubts about especially in countries like America.

Of course there are plenty of facets to take off but it does offer a way out of a very difficult problem; just what are you going to do with the unemployed.


I basically agree, but the problem - as I said - is in the implementation.