Posted: Feb 14, 2018 6:11 am
by Keep It Real
surreptitious57 wrote:I would need something more substantial than your opinion about those on ESA being loaded
But if they really are then they have alternative sources of income other than their benefits

Nope. Let me walk you through it sur; ESA minimum = circa £400 a month (and that's assuming they don't get PIP too). I am aware of some people in my neighbourhood who receive circa £900 combined ESA and PIP. Rent paid too (circa £400 price). Council tax paid too (circa £100 price). £13.30 a day to spend on minimum ESA. As long as one has learnt to switch to utilita which has no standard daily charge - Electricity £0.40. Gas £0.30. Water 0.80. Food £2.50 - this can be explained with the use of an illustrative example of some shopping from Farmfoods (which can be delivered free of charge to boot) - 15 eggs £1; 2 loaves of bread £1; 1kg margarine £1; 500 ml ketchup £0.50 - total cost £3.50 providing 5/6 large meals. Clothing £1 (and that's generous if one uses charity shops). Toiletries/cleaning products £0.30. Total daily expenditure on "essentials" = £5 leaving £8.50 for luxuries (I remind the reader at this point that this example is based on the lowest ESA amount).

So lets work in some "basic" luxuries - Tobacco/rizla/filters/lighters - £2 (50g tobacco from one of the many dodgy shops the feds turn a blind eye to - £6; 5 packets rizla from poundland - £1; 300 filters poundland - £1; 5 lighters poundland - £1). £6.50 remaining. Internet £0.80. Mobile phone £0.50. TV licence £0.40 (assuming you don't fancy the "stress" of refusing them entry if they ever come to check up on you). £4.80 a day - £1752 a year remaining...need I continue?