Posted: Feb 14, 2018 8:38 am
by Keep It Real
surreptitious57 wrote:A second hand Beemer is not a flash car

It's not exactly a used lada, escort or a robin reliant now is it sur and in fact any privately owned car is a massive luxury according to any remotely temporally acurate comparative historical perspective. But if you insist you can have a brand new motor paying £300 a month on finance - so that's £3600 a year - easily affordable (eg on moderate ESA amount/receiving PIP/working a part time job).

surreptitious57 wrote:taking a luxury holiday once every three years is hardly extravagant

Says you. I haven't been abroad in 15 years and you don't see me complaining. There's money in the bank to take more though if you really are so irresponsible you're willing to dump pollution straight into the upper atmosphere by flying a quarter of the way round the world just so you can feel the wind on your face while you look at the views around your destination.

surreptitious57 wrote:People who own really flash cars and take luxury holidays every year are not on ESA because they are at the very top of the financial food chain while anyone on benefits is usually at the bottom.

That's the point sur - even those at the bottom of the "financial food chain" (what a hideous phrase BTW :yuk: ) bathe in luxury in Europe.