Posted: Feb 14, 2018 8:45 am
by zulumoose
I know plenty of people in S.A. who work full time, and can never afford travel or holidays, cannot afford a decent vehicle, or medical insurance, have no savings or pension, struggle to pay for school fees, yet are on the receiving end of reverse-racism because they are white. They earn less than the U.K. minimum wage despite having "respectable" career titles.

In S.A. we have to pay large amounts from our salaries for what is free in the U.K. security, healthcare and education.
We also pay ridiculous amounts for transport, insurance, communication and media access.
Unempoyment is over 26% as of today for active job seekers. No unemployment benefits worth mentioning.
Tax is also very high, no prizes for guessing how well that money is managed.

In comparison the U.K. is a paradise for the unemployed or low-medium wage earner.