Posted: Sep 29, 2018 10:12 am
by Keep It Real
Cito di Pense wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote:More to the point, if humans went extinct and left the planet to the gnats and tardigrades, there'd be a whole lot less very pointless hand-wringing by amateur economists about how to create a sustainable economy. On the whole, I think this would be a positive outcome of human extinction.

I'm actually a relatively well-qualified economist Cito - but disregard and disparage me as being an amateur if you like.

We've been through this before, KIR. Why aren't you employed by some economic think-tank? The problem isn't your personality. Economic think tanks are populated with folks who talk out of their arses. You're an amateur simply because you're not a professional.

There aren't any heterodox economic think tanks I'm aware of - economic think tanks only exist in accordance with the prevailing extant paradigm due to financing issues. The very fact you are poopooing views due purely to the fact I'm not currently drawing a wage as a nominal economists is precisely on topic however, so well done there. If there's one thing the free-market refuses to support it's think tanks which plot its retirement.

Cito di Pense wrote:I'm noting how much you're weaseling with relatively well-qualified. I'm a well-qualified astrophysicist, relative to you, and that is something that could be tested, as opposed to testing your qualifications as an economist.

In what way can your qualifications be tested for that mine cannot? :scratch:

Cito di Pense wrote:What you demonstrably have is a vocabulary of economic buzzwords. The rest is up to you to demonstrate.

No, I'll do as I please, actually. :dunno: