Posted: Oct 20, 2018 12:22 pm
by Keep It Real
I heard the other day that people working just one hour a week (or was it month) on a zero hours contract, and full-time carers (unwaged) are included as "the employed" in the UK gov's unemployment statistic. Nevermind everybody on the sick, or those who retire early, or inherit money, or are cared for by parents/relatives/friends, or are career criminals, or are beggars, or in prison, or in full time education...and yet if one is not in paid work one is judged to be a "loser" in the zeitgeist, for the most part. Universal Basic Wage please, and an announcement from gov circa "blessed are those out of employment, for their carbon footprint is slight." That self-esteem boost and reframing would cure so many societal ills IMO.