Posted: Oct 21, 2018 12:55 pm
by Thommo
Alan B wrote:It would seem that as the 'Economic Inactivity' for men increases (less employed), the 'Economic Inactivity' for women decreases (more employed), 'in step', it would seem.
I can't help thinking that this is due to the male/female wage differential. I would suspect that equal pay across the sexes could make this chart redundant. :dunno:

It's gender roles. When that chart started in the 70s women were largely housewives. Now they aren't.

Society is vastly less sexist than it was 50 years ago, but nonetheless there's still far more social pressure both internally and externally for men who are full time carers than women, and we can't necessarily expect that to ever go away completely.

The really notable thing is the decline in overall households that have a full time carer. In almost all cases where a household that once would have had a housewife now has a working mother, there is now a household with two working parents instead.