Posted: Oct 22, 2018 3:37 pm
by Scot Dutchy
Thommo wrote:It was relevant in the reply to Alan B from which you've ripped it. He suggested the UK would just ignore EU rules. In fact the UK has a reputation for following the rules.

Evidence. Nobody trusts the UK anymore.

Here we have it:

For some reason you think you can claim otherwise without source, despite this being a strong claim, based on your own opinions. I know you won't carry the burden of proof that you've generated, so there's probably little point discussing it futher. I spent around two hours providing you with a fully sourced and quoted reply already this afternoon and you didn't even give it a cursory reading, so let's not pollute the economics section of the board with a string of back and forth.

It was not fully sourced but full of your opinions. Butt hurt? Big way.

In the EU, by the member states and its bodies. You won't find complaints about the ONS fabricating data.

More lies. Evidence?

No point discussing with someone moving the goal posts around claiming unsupported evidence.