Posted: Nov 26, 2018 7:35 pm
by Macdoc
You do not understand how this works. Buying carbon credit indulgences means that you can in fact indulge in some heavy-duty environmental destruction beforehand (eg extensive globe-trotting, riding fat motorbikes, watching your environmental awareness-raising programmes on a 4k TV, and genreally do whatever tickles your affluent middle-class fancy) and then climb the moral highground by acquiring green indulgences. That system works just as beautifully as the papal one.

Oh for fucks sake what a load of horseshit......carbon neutral is carbon neutral ....HOW I get to zero footprint is meaningless ...

..are you carbon neutral ....??

If not ....fuck right off moralizing on stuff you patently are ignorant about :nono:
You sound just like the deniers ranting about Al Gore.....go live in a hut in Ethopia if that turns your petty minded hairshirt crank.

BTW a Honda CB500x gets 70 mpg...and my purchase was based purely on economics and range not on it's carbon emissions.
Why the fuck would using 4k screens for work and entertainment matter one iota.

I don't drive to work, our electricity is carbon neutral and our natural gas use is minor and offset.

I go to my other home in Australia twice a year ...and I buy offsets ...if you think that's globe trotting you are just being stupidly ignorant and pejorative...a personal attack.

How much have you contributed to the AGW threads ???? oh right haven't ...... :roll: