Posted: Feb 19, 2019 3:05 pm
by Sendraks
Scot Dutchy wrote:What amazes me they went to New Zealand to find out.

Not sure what there is that is amazing about a New Zealand based company having research done by New Zealand universities on its working practices. I

Scot Dutchy wrote: If you just look at any of the top ten first world countries in the happiest league that answer would have obvious. Which is why the UK is not there. It would take a 180 degree turn in UK work place ethics to achieve this.

I presently do a four day week but, with no cut to my working hours. However, given that just two days down in London can accrue me 30hours, this isn't exactly a huge leap. The additional day off a week helps, as I actually get to see my wife, whose non-working days are Sun and Monday.

Still, I do agree with you that the cultural change necessary for the UK to accept that you can give your workforce a better quality of life without harming your productivity is a massive one and presently, nowhere on the horizon. Probably further away after Brexit.