Posted: Jun 16, 2019 1:20 pm
by Spearthrower
Keep It Real wrote:Everybody I know has got enough money to piss it away on booze/fags/drugs/flash cars/foreign holidays etc ad infinitum. Thoughts?

Thoughts: sampling bias.

A statistically negligible quantity of people presumably taken from a particular area, comprised of a particular socioeconomic group of a particular nation.

I'd say straight away that the rise in usage of food-banks in the UK should be enough to make this idea a non-starter, but even ignoring that, most definitions of post-scarcity are defined as resources being so cheap and the production of goods so inexpensive with minimal human labour input that the cost to own the finished products is negligible meaning everyone can own them.

I don't think the concept of post-scarcity has ever been defined by the consumption of luxuries, no matter how widespread, because there has always been a group in every human society that has access to luxuries.