Posted: Nov 11, 2015 9:16 pm
by Adco
Emmeline wrote:
Adco wrote:
Emmeline wrote:That ottoman is impressive work. :clap:
I also like the rails you put up & especially like those planters against the wall - did you make those yourself?

Re: bendy MDF, I used that to make a curved bath panel to replace the horrible plastic one we inherited. It worked pretty well & I was able to paint it to match the tongue & groove panelling I put on the walls (to cover the naff tiles).

Yup, made with these hands to keep them out of mischief. :lol:

I try and make everything myself. There are exceptions that I don't have the necessary machinery for but most things in the house I build myself. Woodwork, mechanics, electrical or electronics is fair game. If I can visualise it, I give it a bash. Fun in my old age.

Fun in your old age? I'm 6 years older than you and I'm not old yet! 8-)

If you have time, could you explain how you made the planters?
I'll try scratch out a few pics tomorrow. I don't have any on my iPad to put up. It was really simple. Four tongue and groove planks cut to size. two rear bracing pieces to hold them together. When you have four sets of panels, screw them together. Put a cross piece about a third of the way down that the flower pots can rest on. The black vertical strips are mild steel strips bent into angles and secured with silicon. All very firm. Oh, all the wood is varnished for long term protection. That's it basically. I can give more details if needed. There are no plans. I just get an idea and make it work.