Posted: Nov 13, 2015 6:59 am
by Agrippina
Adco wrote:
Agrippina wrote:I've said it before on Facebook, but I must add a bookmark with: beautiful work, you are very talented.

Tell me did you get training to do this sort of work, or does it come naturally?
:oops: Aaw shucks...

I think it runs in the family. My great grandfather was a carpenter who helped build the Cape Town docks. My grandfather was a cabinet maker. My dad made all the furniture at home. Two of my brothers build house boats and yachts in Oz. My one sister build furniture, makes her own kitchen cupboards and does amazing things with her hands.(pity she's a religious nut). Me, I've got formal electronics training and the rest is just enthusiasm and common sense. The amount of pleasure I get is tremendous.

I wonder if the Italian heritage has something to do with it.

It's definitely a talent then. The talent for dress design and making runs in my family, but passed me by. I can do the technical stitches, but anything I make, whether it's clothes or carpentry, looks like crap. About the best I've done is to stain the table I now use as a desk. Your stuff is really lovely.