Posted: Dec 18, 2015 8:42 pm
by The_Metatron
felltoearth wrote:
The_Metatron wrote:I have to admit, I am pleased with how those little pouches turned out. I made the one on the right first, hand stitched across the bottom and up one side using waxed nylon dental floss. Tough stuff, but probably overkill. I stitched the second one up (and back down) each side with my sewing machine, and hand stitched a locking stitch at the open end of each side, so he'll never split the seams. I got the leather from a scrap box at a local leather shop for just a couple of bucks.

If they don't end up lost, those pouches will long outlive me.

Yep. They're nice. What kind of sewing machine do you have. I've been considering getting one myself.


My machine is a fifty year old Singer model 600. I got it for 35 bucks from an estate sale two doors down my street. I don't much care for the modern day electronic machines. I did a good cleanup and lubricating job on this one, and it works great.

I didn't expect it to be able to sew through two layers of that leather. Nice surprise.

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