Posted: Dec 21, 2015 5:01 pm
by John Platko
And following along on the theme of counts and rhythm. Licks can be mutated by using the rhythm of a different lick. This can be done to the original lick, leaving no trace of it as it was or perhaps more usefully as another form of spawning two licks. i.E. using the rhythm of one lick and the pitch family of another lick. This is a bit trickier to do then it might at first seem because not all mutations are possible if adding pitches is not desired. For example. If a 1/2 step bend is called for but those notes are not available in the lick pitches then perhaps a whole step bend or a curl (1/4 bend) should be used. But if the note is on an open string then not even a curl is possible. All in all this is a bit tricky to account for.

Here's an example of the founder set mutated in place. I.E. every lick is mutated to conform to the rhythm of lick 0.


And here's what that sounds like.