Posted: Jan 09, 2016 11:12 pm
by John Platko
Fourth on my to do list that I previously posted was to mention turnarounds. A turnaround is used at the end of a 12 or x bar progression to get you back to the beginning of the loop. Like most things in the blues, there's more than one way to do this but a common method, perhaps the most common, is to end the twelve bars on a note that begs for resolution to the root of the key. And fifths do this nicely. For the key of E that would be a B chord or B note. Often turnarounds have familiar structure and sound - everybody knows where the music is at when they hear the turnaround. Because of this, I plan to treat turnarounds like they are a different species from other licks. Turnarounds won't spawn with non turnaround licks, They'll mutate but they should keep enough of their founder characteristic that they won't loose their feel of being a turnaround.

I could say a lot more about turnarounds but I think that can wait for later, I just wanted to make sure I mentioned them and had basic mechanisms in place to handle them separately from other licks. And those mechanisms can be used to segregate other licks too, as desired.

Here is a small founder set of turnaround licks:


And you can hear them here.