Posted: Jan 19, 2016 6:03 pm
by John Platko
Ok, I think I laid enough of a foundation to make it worthwhile to move on to actually starting to create the heuristic. To be sure, there are some areas that will need to be backfilled. I still need a simple metric for measuring rhythm and I think I also need a metric for measuring how the tension of the lick rises and falls with time. I'll develop those as they are needed. (There's also a few details missing from the lick language, specifically, I'm not happy with how various bends of notes that are parts of triplets are handled, I'll fix that at some point too.)

Moving on ...

I'm going to use constructor theory as the foundation of the simulated annealing heuristic. So an introduction to constructor theory in some detail seems appropriate now. I would think the following videos would be of interest to anyone interested in physics even if they have no interest in blues, or my heuristic.

This video is a good overall introduction to constructor theory:

And in this video David Deutsch drills down into what he's going on about. David starts talking about 11:00 minutes in. It's well worth watching.

Here's a paper where David explains his theory.

And if you want a bit more: