Posted: Jan 22, 2016 7:13 pm
by John Platko
On top of the constructor theory paradigm I'm going to be using what I call "a pseudo simulated annealing genetic heuristic" for evolving blues ideas.

I'll break down what I mean by that now.

Annealing is a process where you recrystallize a metal to make it easy to work. You get the metal very hot so that atoms can migrate and dislocation in the crystal decrease. When the metal is very hot, the atoms are most capable of change. You bring the temperature down slowly so that they atoms settle into a crystal structure.

Simulated annealing is a search process that allows more exploration of solutions, rather than just choosing the best local option. It has the concept of temperature in simulation, which generally speaking translates into, in the early stages of the search a lot of exploration is allowed and local optimizations aren't too important, as time goes on, less drastic exploration is allowed and more time is spent on local optimization, eventually the best global area found by exploration is searched for a local minimum.

I'm doing something related but not exactly that - for one thing, I'm combining simulated annealing with a genetic alogrightm. I'm trying to fill a defined space with specific density distributions of licks. At the beginning, "when the temperature is hot", I'll be trying to get some licks throughout the natural universe for licks that I define. Large mutations will be used when the temperature is hot. As time goes on, "the temp cools", and smaller mutations will help flesh out the areas where some licks were deposited by the large mutations.

The genetic aspect of my heuristic should be clear by now. I'm mutating and spawning new licks from old ones to create variations.

The heuristic part is that I'm using rules of thumb to arrive at a hopefully acceptable solution rather than an algorithm which is a precisely defined set of steps to solve a problem. (There are other definitions of these words, some people like to argue about them, but this is what I mean when I use them.)

This video of swarming combined with simulation annealing gives a good idea of what I'll be doing. The various valleys are like the various areas in my lick space that I'm searching for solutions for. As the temperature cools, I'll concentrate around the areas where licks are.

Hmmm. perhaps I need to add swarming to the name of my project.

A pseudo simulated annealing genetic heuristic with swarming technology based on constructor theory for evolving blues ideas.
That sounds about right!

To make this all a bit more concrete. Here's an example of the entropy space explored with cool mutations on the founder set of licks. About 1,000 licks in total.


And here's the entropy space explored with a warm spawning mutation added. Again, about 1,000 licks total.


It's easy to see how much more space is explored when the temperature is turned up.