Posted: Mar 18, 2016 3:37 pm
by John Platko
It's been a while since I updated this thread. I took a bit of a vacation but before that I was working on porting the mutation code to the new heuristic framework. The project has gotten complex enough that a fair amount of restructuring was needed so that it was manageable to work with. So tidied up a bit, and with some new code so that allows me to define n lick spaces, each with their own counter-factuals things are moving along nicely.

Here's a chart showing a lick multiverse with two lick universe spaces defined. The first one is the standard founder set I've been using throughout the thread, the second one is a turnaround lick universe. (the turnarounds can be used for intros as well as turnarounds). This is just an example, I could imagine more spaces being defined, perhaps a unique space for I, IV, and V chords at some point)

The chart shows the entropy space on the left and the sweet, sour, tension space on the right for each lick space/universe. The turnaround space is shown by the bottom two graphs.

I only have one supernatural space (where the angels exist) in the project so each universe shares the same supernatural space. I'm not sure that's the best way to go but it simplifies things a bit and they are already complicated enough. If the need arises, I'll give each universe it's own supernatural space.


The counter-factuals act like a filter for each lick space. If a counter factual makes a lick impossible for that space then it either becomes an angel lick and is placed in supernatural space or it ceases to exist. Some of the founder and turnaround licks were impossible according to the counter-factuals I have in place and they were made angels. (the yellow ones)

The counter-factuals I have in place now are.

not allowed counts
allowed positions
required starting notes
required ending notes or chords
not allowed gesture types (licks with bends or whatever could be easily filtered out)
required gesture types

It should be easy to add new counter-factuals as the need arises.