Posted: Jan 17, 2017 3:30 am
by Macdoc
Hehe Scot got chased home with his tail between his legs after booking the tropics in the wet....still sore about it.

There is enough hectares in Australia to provide EVERYONE in Europe with one to build on and still have 350 million to spare. :mrgreen:

Not everyone wants to live in an anthill. I've grown to detest Toronto for it's traffic and congestion. I have to laugh at the urban types....scared of some little critters but blithely playing in traffic. :roll:

I was inside an enormous curtain fig and looked up to see this fine fellow


We are narrowing down our land choice and may end very close to the area this was shot. Of course our current house has been planted so he backyard does a pretty good imitation.


New technologies and wide spread communications obviates the need for huddling in tight smelly cities. Self driving EVs and off grid designs truly let us disperse

Here ya go - three hours of the Australian soothe the frazzled city nerves.

We've actually now decided that our primary reason for moving is to get away from traffic noise. I'll take the Kooka mob any day.