Posted: Jan 17, 2017 9:26 am
by Macdoc
More land area actually gives you far more scope for unsustainable practices, especially in terms of overbuilding for your needs

that is not a given ....if a place is off the grid and running an EV who cares how big it is.
It's like me being told to cut down on electricity use in Ontario....why??? it's my money and since we have no fossil fuel plants how is my "cutting" down helping at all. If anything my high use is subsidizing the less well off.

Sustainable does not and should not mean shivering in the dark with a pile of twigs for fuel.
If we work towards it....we can have all the self indulgent conveniences and extra space without impacting the environment.

With travel distances....IF you have an EV ...and the Bolt has a 200 mile range ...why do you care unless your grid is coal powered ( unfortunately much of Aus is ).
But conflating generous even indulgent use with unsustainable is an error.

It's like having a field of ripe strawberries and limiting yourself to a couple... there are times when being indulgent does no harm at all and in fact may fire you up to do good deeds. :coffee: hosting some back packers in your spare room for cheap or free.