Posted: Jan 18, 2017 6:17 am
by Macdoc
It's unfortunate that Australia is almost all or nothing...go off grid entirely as nearly all grid has some coal power tho it's being slowly trimmed back in our area.

This is somewhat off topic but none the less an interesting aspect of sustainable as food growing absorbs an insane amount of fossil fuel for both fertilizer and transport.

Can This Bean Change The World?

Tepary beans are one of the most heat- and drought-tolerant crops in the world. Their incredible adaptations allow these plants to grow in extreme temperatures, intense sunlight, and with minimal water. And they might just be the sustainable future of food. ... -magical-f

Jude certainly wants a small produce garden and some fruit trees...I grew up with a big garden that provided for us and enough to sell a bit and while it seemed a burden at the time....still has some fond memories.

Dad was very fond of his garden and neighbors always commented it. Hated picking currents....rasberries...not so much. Jude will have to wean me off the 6 minute microwave dishes and 3 minute canned thick soups.. :roll:
Tonight's was particularly marginal...

Image :yuk: