Posted: Sep 27, 2017 10:49 pm
by crank
The_Piper wrote:I'm not disputing the enjoyment of a camp fire, or the cozy heat of a stove or fireplace either. But my fire days are over, my lungs can't hack the smoke anymore (pun intended).
Neighbors burn wood (and trash, plastic, etc :yuk: ), and on days where there's not much wind, it can bother me at my house, and they're like 75 yards away.

Most folks have a chimney. Do you live in one of those wigwams where the smoke was supposed to diffuse out of the hides making up the walls? On a less moronic note, I've been really lucky in that all the fireplaces in places I've lived drew extremely well. it was really rare for smoke to get into the house. Usually the wind, or some fool didn't raise the damper. The big old house I used to live in had 4 fireplaces, 2 on top of 2 with their flews going up one big chimney, and a 5th in another room, all 5 of them drew very well. It helped that it was an extremely drafty house, which is why I was heating that bedroom with an open gas burner. The house and why I needed more heat. That is really really cold in these parts.