Posted: Nov 05, 2017 8:22 pm
by Macdoc
When you brain sees something that it thinks is food and it turns out a clever replica of food that's an illusion .... when my clients see what they think is an ordinary pair of boots sitting on the shelf and they turn out to be made of wood....that's an illusion.

When it involved materials difficult to texture and still maintain mouth watering at first glance ...that's strong control of the material and an understanding of what is being actualized - ie the surface of a food stuff.

Some of her stuff is stylized the translucent cherries but not all and some is mouthwatering to the point my partner has said no to me buying a piece as "it would make her hungry all the time".

I have a green apple with a bite out of it that looks exactly in tecture and appearance like an actual apple but is made of a very hard white rock and crafted to the point the illusion is perfect until you pick the damn thing up and it weighs a ton......and never gets brown. Makes me smile each time I see it.

Of course the illusion is in your brain ..initially it says food then switches ...