Posted: Nov 24, 2017 2:01 am
by Macdoc
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New device boosts road time for Tesla, Leaf drivers
November 21, 2017
Vanderbilt University
Nissan Leafs, which go about 107 miles on a charge, sometimes end up relegated to commuter cars due to battery-range worries. The mass-market, standard Tesla Model 3 can go double that but still can be disconcerting on long road trips. Both batteries could work up to 50 percent longer with a new device. It reconfigures modules -- clusters of battery cells -- in electric cars to be online or offline depending on whether they're going to pull down the other modules. ... 095351.htm


Pence's project management graduate class last year succeeded in building a working vehicle that uses magnets to levitate a few inches off an aluminum track. Batteries that ran down too quickly proved a major challenge.

When Potteiger returned from his fall 2016 NASA internship, he was eager to use what he'd learned in real-time prognostics: figuring out how much energy, say, a rocket or surface-roving device has left and how efficiently it's working. He heard some teaching assistants discussing Pence's levitation vehicle and started out volunteering to make a gauge for it.

Instead, the duo ended up with the battery switcher and are working with the Vanderbilt Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization to get it to market.
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