Posted: Jan 21, 2018 10:22 am
by LucidFlight
I think Macdoc has the gist of it.

Ahem, ahem...
The main article states that the RIM-166 "rolls around the longitudinal axis to stabilize the flight path much like a bullet."

This is totally incorrect. In order for the missile to be spin stabilized, it would have to roll at a rate of several Kilohertz which can be verified by analysis of the gyroscopic motion. At this roll rate, the internal stresses would be so high, the missile would tear itself apart.

The primary reason for rolling the airframe is to save on cost of both the control actuator system and the seeker angle resolver capability. The single set of control surfaces are phased with deflection commands to achieve pitch and yaw motion. The rolling seeker head has two passive RF antennas that can determine angle via interferometry in pitch and yaw due to the roll. A good description of this weapon is found in the document: ... me_Missile