Posted: Feb 01, 2018 5:00 pm
by SafeAsMilk
If I recall, it's the cymbals on the 909 that are samples. I've also read that for the 707, the drum samples are 8 bit and the cymbal samples are 6 bit. I just listened to a demo of the 707, and you're right -- it doesn't sound like 909 samples at all, much more like the Drumulator or the Drumtrax.

That's a pretty good price for the Pro One if the condition is questionable. I've seen them go for absurd chunks of change, 3 grand or so, but those ones are totally cleaned up. Those are the two big problems with vintage gear like that, either you pay out the ass for something that's been worked on, or you take a big chance that an old piece is going to shit out on you. The only vintage analog piece I've got is the Roland Alpha Juno 1, and that's because I got it for stupid cheap. Not the greatest synth in the world, but it at least gives me a piece of that gorgeous Juno warmth. I've also got a few virtual analogs like the Korg MS2000 (which has jumped up in price recently for some reason) and the Waldorf Blofeld. I love virtual analogs, but it seems like nobody else does :confused:

I was eyeballing the Arp Odyssey reissue as well, though I'm surprised they haven't gone down in price like the MS20 reissues have. I'm holding out that someday they'll do a reissue of the 2600, which is my holy grail of vintage semi-modular synths :dopey: