Posted: Jan 15, 2019 9:21 pm
by felltoearth
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The concept of a Chromebook is a cheap, lightweight laptop that runs purpose built apps. It’s a focused machine for a focused purpose and one that ticks the boxes where my sons requirements are concerned.

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Any recommendations?

Yes. Don't bother to ask for recommendations if you've already made up your mind.

I’m asking for recommendations on chromebooks. What’s the issue?

ETA This was not intended to be a thread about whether or not to get a Chromebook. That’s decided. My son is autistic and is in a special needs class that delivers the course using the Google suite of educational apps.
There are many flavours of Chromebooks out there. I appreciate those that have contributed positively to this thread and the original ask.

And a chromebook it should be. A first computer to take to school should be as cheap (and rugged) as possible. Half of them seem to get lost or damaged before the year is out. My grandson lost his computer three times during the first term, and had it stolen once. Fortunately it was found again/retrieved every time. Several of his classmates were not so lucky.

This and it is more difficult to use to hack the school computer systems. I’m not kidding.