Posted: Nov 16, 2020 11:11 pm
by Blackadder
I'm With Stupid wrote:
felltoearth wrote:
I'm With Stupid wrote:I was literally coming to the forum now to start this exact thread. I'm interested in these computers, but their claims seem a bit vague and too good to be true at the moment. Only a couple of days before we get the first hands on reviews though. There also seems to be some concern that Apple have a habit of the first generation being something of an experiment and the second generation being the one that's actually good. I guess that's true for most technology though. I bought an Asus recently that's been nothing but trouble and I'm thinking of trading it in for one of these. But I used Adobe, and it's not gonna be fully supported until next year, so I might hold off for a while and check the reviews first. Luckily, it's not gonna be out in Malaysia until a couple of months after America, so I won't be tempted to splurge loads of cash on a product I know nothing about.

This isn’t their first rodeo with ARM or developing their own chip though, and they’ve learned a lot when it comes to the iPad and ARM processors. When Jobs mapped out the future of Apple when he became CEO again I’m sure this was the goal they’ve been working toward, Apple hardware top to bottom.

Well yeah, but there are still clearly limitations to it. The Macbook Pro only has 2 USB ports, for example, even though their Intel ones have 4. It also currently maxes out at 16GB of RAM, which is fine for most people, but it's not unusual for video and photo editors to upgrade to 32 or even 64GB. But it seems like they're starting at the bottom end of their range and working their way up, so presumably those upgrades will come when they switch their higher end products across.

I know that there are video editors who use MacBooks but the serious stuff is done on Mac Pros. Our video editing suite at work runs Mac Pros (I know because I got the bill for them!). But they are turning out broadcast quality motion graphics, which eats processing power like nothing else, so they need really powerful kit. I can't imagine any top end professional video editor being able to work with 16GB of RAM.