Posted: Nov 17, 2020 1:40 am
by I'm With Stupid
The_Metatron wrote:There's the real reason for developing their own processor line. They will be able to control all aspects of design, engineering, and production.

I'd expect these new Macs to behave very smartly.

Well it should hopefully allow them to get more out of specs that might seem fairly ordinary on a PC. I remember when people used to look at the specs of games consoles and compare them unfavourably to some monster gaming PC, and yet somehow both were able to play the same games at roughly the same level. And I've never had a games console suddenly lock me out of a game when I'm halfway through it (personal off-topic bitterness).

Hopefully this won't be a return to the days of incompatibility between Macs and PCs though. I remember back in the day where your Mac-owning friend would hand you a hard drive only to find that it'd formatted in a way that was incompatible with Windows. It seems they're better at that sort of thing nowadays though. I guess it's no different to an iPad in essence and AFAIK they work fine.