Posted: Apr 04, 2021 12:22 am
by hackenslash
John Platko wrote:...
If I'm completely missing your point than I'm sorry, maybe you can put it another way.

I have to concede this. I've done some deep study of luthiery in the intervening time, and John was correct. I allowed my experience of his ineptitude in every arena to inform my assessment of his in this one, an area in which I had a substantial degree of expertise, but in which his was far superior. I wasn't aware that I was doing so, of course, but I need to apologise nonetheless, even if posthumously.

You finally won one, John. I'm so sorry I wasn't here in time to deliver my apology in person or to celebrate your victory with you but, if you were right, you'll be aware that I delivered it. Good luck with that, and all the best to all others who note your passing.