Posted: Nov 04, 2021 11:41 pm
by felltoearth

Cerebras - Wikipedia
Customers are reportedly using Cerebras technologies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.[22]

In 2020, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) began using the Cerebras CS-1 AI system in their London AI hub, for neural network models to accelerate genetic and genomic research and reduce the time taken in drug discovery.[23] The GSK research team was able to increase the complexity of the encoder models they could generate, while reducing training time.[24] Other pharmaceutical industry customers include AstraZeneca, who was able to reduce training time from two weeks on a cluster of GPUs to two days using the Cerebras CS-1 system.[25]

Argonne National Laboratory has been using the CS-1 since 2020 in COVID-19 research and cancer tumor research based on the world’s largest cancer treatment database.[26] A series of models running on the CS-1 to predict cancer drug response to tumors achieved speed-ups of many hundreds of times on the CS-1 compared to their GPU baselines.[22]

The Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s Lassen supercomputer incorporated the CS-1 in both classified and non-classified areas for physics simulations.[27]

In August 2021, Cerebras announced a partnership with biotechnology platform company Peptilogics on the development of AI solutions to accelerate the development cycle of peptide therapeutics.[28]

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